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Funny jokes, Hindi Jokes written below about hair cutting of Golu, kalu asking a question on radio station, master jokes, a lizard on bidding etc mast jokes. Enjoy given below jokes.

Golu अपने बाल कटवाने

Golu अपने बाल कटवाने
बारबर शाँप मेँ पहुँचा

नाई ने बाल काटने शुरु किए

इतने मेँ ही एक बहुत ही सुंदर
औरत दुकान मे आई

Golu ने बात शुरु की ..
नमस्ते जी आप बहुत सुंदर है

औरत – शुक्रिया .
Golu – क्या आज शाम को हम कहीं मिल
सकते हैँ ?

औरत – जी नहीँ मैँ शादीशुदा हूँ

Golu – पति से कह देना
सहेली से मिलने जा रही हूँ

औरत – आप खुद कह दो वही
इस समय आ

पके बाल काट रहे हैँ !!

Golu अब गंजा है|

English Jokes Part 3

This is the part three for English Jokes in different category. This three jokes which is given below is related to Pappu Jokes, teacher jokes and girls & boys jokes.

Teacher : The first son of Adam was

Teacher : The first son of Adam was
pappu : Adamu. Cool
Teacher : pappu, assuming you were
at a bus stop and boko-haram
throws a bomb. What will you do ?
pappu : i will stop assuming…..
Teacher ; what is a verb ?
pappu ; a verb is a valve in a bicycle
Teacher ; what are u sayin ?
pappu ; its a complete sentence sir.
Teacher ; are u mad ?
pappu ; its a question sir Teacher ;
dont be stupid
pappu ; its an advice sir.
Teacher ; stop that nonsence!
pappu ; its a command sir.
Teacher ; U are an idiot
pappu ; its an insult sir.
Teacher ; get out of my class!
pappu ; its an order sir.
Teacher ; oh goodness!,,,, what a
pappu ; its an exclamation sir.
Teacher ; may God hav mercy on U.
pappu ; its a prayer sir …..
the teacher fainted!!

GIRL: Hello

GIRL: Hello
BOY: My love how are you doing?
GIRL: I’m fine.
BOY: Will you be free this weekend?
Can you come to my house?
GIRL: I’m so sorry I can’t make it
because I will be attending my
aunt’s wedding and the next day
I’ll be busy, I’m so I guess I’m
BOY: Ooh ok, was just planning to
take you out for shopping, surprise
you with an iPhone 5, then buy you
a new dress and the Brazilian hair
you’ve been asking for…
GIRL: I will be coming and may even
spend the whole weekend there if
you want my love.
BOY: What about the wedding?
GIRL: which wedding, i was joking…
BOY: Really? Me too…

Girl – ur name?

Girl – ur name?
boy- black lion
G -r u joking?
B – no, it means kaalu singh.
and ur’s
girl- Soft underwear
boy-r u joking?
girl-no it means komal chadda.

A Hollywood director was shooting a

A Hollywood director was shooting a
budget movie on location in the
One day an old Indian came up to
and said, “Tomorrow rain.”
And sure enough the next day it
A few days later, the old Indian
appeared on set again, sidled up to
director and said, “Tomorrow storm.”
And sure enough, the following day
there was a fearful storm which
a temporary halt to filming.
The director was hugely impressed
by the old Indian’s weather
and told his secretary to put the
tribesman on the payroll. However,
after a number of other successful
forecasts, the Indian didn’t show for
three weeks. Then the director sent
for him.
The director said, “I have to shoot a
scene tomorrow and I’m relying on
What is the weather going to be
The old Indian shrugged his
“Don’t know. Radio broken.”

Above given three English jokes.

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Revenge Jokes in English part 5

Given jokes will be long but very interesting. All jokes given below in English language. This is related to revenge.

Ultimate Revenge

A Manager, his Assistant, one old
woman and her young daughter are
traveling in a train and during the
course of time get themselves
introduced to each other and
become temporary friends. The train
goes through a tunnel and it gets
completely dark. Suddenly there is a
kissing sound and then a SLAP !!
The train comes out of the tunnel.
The women and the Assistant are
sitting there looking perplexed. The
Manager is bending over holding his
face, which is red from an apparent
slap. All of them remain diplomatic
and nobody says anything.
The Old woman is thinking:
These Managers are all crazy after
girls. He must have kissed my
daughter in the tunnel. Very proper
that she slapped him.
The Young girl is thinking:
The Manager must have tried to kiss
me but kissed my mother instead
and got slapped.
The Manager is thinking:
Damn it. My Assistant must have
kissed the young girl. She might
have thought it was me and slapped
The Assistant is thinking:
If this train goes through another
tunnel I will make another kissing
sound and slap my Manager again.

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English Jokes Part 2

This is the part two for English Jokes in different category. This two jokes which is given below is related to Pappu Jokes and Question & answer based jokes.

Death came To Pappu and said “my

Death came To Pappu and said “my
friend Pappu today is your day”.
Pappu said
“but i am not ready” and death said,
“well you are next on my list.” so
Pappu tried
to plead with death but
it Refused,
“Ok why don’t u take a sit while I
get you something to eat before we
the Pappu said while shaking…
and death said “al-right then.”Pappu
death some food and had a wicked
thought of adding poison on it, but
said to Himself, ‘since it is Death,
won’t have any effect on it,’ so he
some sleeping pills in it, Death
finished eating
and fell asleep when asleep, Pappu
took the Death
list, Removed his name from top of
list and Wrote it at the bottom of the
list. So
when Death woke up he said to
Pappu, “Because you have been so
nice to Me with much hospitality
that I even Fell asleep, I will start the

Teacher Fell Asleep In Class And

Teacher Fell Asleep In Class And
Pappu Walked Up To Him,
Pappu : “Teacher Are You Sleeping
In Class?”
Teacher : “No I Am Not Sleeping In
Pappu : “What Were You Doing Sir ?”
Teacher : ” I Was Talking To God.”
The Next Day Pappu Fell Asleep In
Class And The Same
Teacher Walks Up To Him
Teacher : “Young Man, You Are
Sleeping In My Class.”
Pappu : “No Not Me Sir, I Am Not
Angry Teacher: “What Were You
Pappu : “I Was Talking To God.”
Angry Teacher: “What Did He Say??”
Pappu : “God Said He Never Spoke To
You Yesterday”

Reason why you should never visit a 5 star Hotel.

Reason why you should never visit a 5 star Hotel.
Question : “What would you like to
have ..Fruit juice, Soda, Tea,
Chocolate, Milo, or Coffee ?”
Answer : “tea please”
Question : ” Ceylon tea, Herbal tea,
Bush tea, Honey bush tea, Ice tea or
green tea ?”
Answer : “Ceylon tea ”
Question : “How would you like it ?
black or white ?”
Answer : “white”
Question : “Milk, Whitener, or
Condensed milk ?”
Answer : “With milk ”
Question : “Goat milk, Camel milk or
cow milk”
Answer : “With cow milk please.
Question : ” Milk from Freeze land
cow or Afrikaner cow ?”
Answer : ” Um, I’ll take it black. ”
Question : ” Would you like it with
sweetener, sugar or honey ?”
Answer : “With sugar”
Question : ” Beet sugar or cane
sugar ?”
Answer : “Cane sugar ”
Question : ” White, brown or yellow
sugar ?”
Answer : “Forget about tea just give
me a glass of water instead.”
Question : “Mineral water or still
water ? ”
Answer : “Mineral water”
Question : “Flavored or non-
flavored ?”
Answer : “I’ll rather die of thirst”

Above given three English jokes.

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