English Jokes Part 4

This is the part four for English Jokes in different category. Given below five jokes related to Husband Wife, Rajinikanth , Alia Bhatt, Santa Banta Jokes.

Below given four English jokes.

2 Wives chatting in office:

Wife 1: I had a fine evening how was
yours ?????
Wife 2: It was a disaster.
My husband came home, ate his
dinner in 3 mins
& fell asleep in 2 mins.
How was yours?
Wife 1: Oh mine was amazing!
My husband came home and took
me out for a
romantic dinner. After dinner, we
walked for an
hour. When we came home he lit the
around the house. It was like a fairy
At the same time, their husbands
are talking at
Husband 1: How was your evening?
Husband 2: Great.
I came home, dinner was on the
table, I ate & fell
What about you?
Husband 1: It was horrible.
I came home, there’s no dinner, they
cut the
electricity because I forgot to pay
the bill. So I
took her out for dinner which was so
that didn’t have money left for a cab
or auto. We
walked home which took an hour &
when we got home, I remembered
there was no electricity so I
had to light candles all over the
house !!!!!!!!!!

Santa Arrested In Case Of Theft And

Santa Arrested In Case Of Theft And
Judge Asking Santa.
Judge: “Why You Have Stolen Money
From This Man?”
Santa: “My Lord, I Have Not Stolen
Money. He Just Gave It To Me”
Judge: “When He Gave You Money?”
Santa: “When I Showed Him Gun”

What would Alia Bhatt be called after she

What would Alia Bhatt be called after she
finished bathing?
-> NAHALIA Bhatt
After she finished eating?
-> KHALIA Bhatt
When she is clapping?
-> TAALIA Bhatt
When abusing?
-> GALIAA Bhatt
If her skin was dark ?
-> KAALIA Bhatt
When she wakes up from sleep?
-> SOLIYA Bhatt

Once, Sir Rajinikanth was giving lectures on GK and IQ

Once, Sir Rajinikanth was giving lectures on GK and IQ
A girl bunks that lecture
And today we know that as ‘Alia Bhatt’

AB De Villiers Jokes.

AB De Villiers.
Do u know him.??
I think u know him as a cricketer
from South Africa and playing for
Royal Challenger Bangalore in IPL.
Now know something strange about
1. He shortlisted for Jr national
hockey squad.
2. He shortlisted for Jr national
football squad.
3. Captain of South Africa Jr rugby.
4. Hold six south Africa school
swimming recordz.
5. The fastest 100mtr time in South
Africa junior athletics.
6 . A member of South Africa Jr Davis
Cup tennis team.
7. National Badminton U-19
8. Has a golf handicap of scratch.
And u will be thinking ke fir to sala
padai me zero hoga and here comes
9-Received a national medal from
Mandela for a science project…!!

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