English Jokes Part 3

This is the part three for English Jokes in different category. This three jokes which is given below is related to Pappu Jokes, teacher jokes and girls & boys jokes.

Teacher : The first son of Adam was

Teacher : The first son of Adam was
pappu : Adamu. Cool
Teacher : pappu, assuming you were
at a bus stop and boko-haram
throws a bomb. What will you do ?
pappu : i will stop assuming…..
Teacher ; what is a verb ?
pappu ; a verb is a valve in a bicycle
Teacher ; what are u sayin ?
pappu ; its a complete sentence sir.
Teacher ; are u mad ?
pappu ; its a question sir Teacher ;
dont be stupid
pappu ; its an advice sir.
Teacher ; stop that nonsence!
pappu ; its a command sir.
Teacher ; U are an idiot
pappu ; its an insult sir.
Teacher ; get out of my class!
pappu ; its an order sir.
Teacher ; oh goodness!,,,, what a
pappu ; its an exclamation sir.
Teacher ; may God hav mercy on U.
pappu ; its a prayer sir …..
the teacher fainted!!

GIRL: Hello

GIRL: Hello
BOY: My love how are you doing?
GIRL: I’m fine.
BOY: Will you be free this weekend?
Can you come to my house?
GIRL: I’m so sorry I can’t make it
because I will be attending my
aunt’s wedding and the next day
I’ll be busy, I’m so I guess I’m
BOY: Ooh ok, was just planning to
take you out for shopping, surprise
you with an iPhone 5, then buy you
a new dress and the Brazilian hair
you’ve been asking for…
GIRL: I will be coming and may even
spend the whole weekend there if
you want my love.
BOY: What about the wedding?
GIRL: which wedding, i was joking…
BOY: Really? Me too…

Girl – ur name?

Girl – ur name?
boy- black lion
G -r u joking?
B – no, it means kaalu singh.
and ur’s
girl- Soft underwear
boy-r u joking?
girl-no it means komal chadda.

A Hollywood director was shooting a

A Hollywood director was shooting a
budget movie on location in the
One day an old Indian came up to
and said, “Tomorrow rain.”
And sure enough the next day it
A few days later, the old Indian
appeared on set again, sidled up to
director and said, “Tomorrow storm.”
And sure enough, the following day
there was a fearful storm which
a temporary halt to filming.
The director was hugely impressed
by the old Indian’s weather
and told his secretary to put the
tribesman on the payroll. However,
after a number of other successful
forecasts, the Indian didn’t show for
three weeks. Then the director sent
for him.
The director said, “I have to shoot a
scene tomorrow and I’m relying on
What is the weather going to be
The old Indian shrugged his
“Don’t know. Radio broken.”

Above given three English jokes.

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