English Jokes Part 2

This is the part two for English Jokes in different category. This two jokes which is given below is related to Pappu Jokes and Question & answer based jokes.

Death came To Pappu and said “my

Death came To Pappu and said “my
friend Pappu today is your day”.
Pappu said
“but i am not ready” and death said,
“well you are next on my list.” so
Pappu tried
to plead with death but
it Refused,
“Ok why don’t u take a sit while I
get you something to eat before we
the Pappu said while shaking…
and death said “al-right then.”Pappu
death some food and had a wicked
thought of adding poison on it, but
said to Himself, ‘since it is Death,
won’t have any effect on it,’ so he
some sleeping pills in it, Death
finished eating
and fell asleep when asleep, Pappu
took the Death
list, Removed his name from top of
list and Wrote it at the bottom of the
list. So
when Death woke up he said to
Pappu, “Because you have been so
nice to Me with much hospitality
that I even Fell asleep, I will start the

Teacher Fell Asleep In Class And

Teacher Fell Asleep In Class And
Pappu Walked Up To Him,
Pappu : “Teacher Are You Sleeping
In Class?”
Teacher : “No I Am Not Sleeping In
Pappu : “What Were You Doing Sir ?”
Teacher : ” I Was Talking To God.”
The Next Day Pappu Fell Asleep In
Class And The Same
Teacher Walks Up To Him
Teacher : “Young Man, You Are
Sleeping In My Class.”
Pappu : “No Not Me Sir, I Am Not
Angry Teacher: “What Were You
Pappu : “I Was Talking To God.”
Angry Teacher: “What Did He Say??”
Pappu : “God Said He Never Spoke To
You Yesterday”

Reason why you should never visit a 5 star Hotel.

Reason why you should never visit a 5 star Hotel.
Question : “What would you like to
have ..Fruit juice, Soda, Tea,
Chocolate, Milo, or Coffee ?”
Answer : “tea please”
Question : ” Ceylon tea, Herbal tea,
Bush tea, Honey bush tea, Ice tea or
green tea ?”
Answer : “Ceylon tea ”
Question : “How would you like it ?
black or white ?”
Answer : “white”
Question : “Milk, Whitener, or
Condensed milk ?”
Answer : “With milk ”
Question : “Goat milk, Camel milk or
cow milk”
Answer : “With cow milk please.
Question : ” Milk from Freeze land
cow or Afrikaner cow ?”
Answer : ” Um, I’ll take it black. ”
Question : ” Would you like it with
sweetener, sugar or honey ?”
Answer : “With sugar”
Question : ” Beet sugar or cane
sugar ?”
Answer : “Cane sugar ”
Question : ” White, brown or yellow
sugar ?”
Answer : “Forget about tea just give
me a glass of water instead.”
Question : “Mineral water or still
water ? ”
Answer : “Mineral water”
Question : “Flavored or non-
flavored ?”
Answer : “I’ll rather die of thirst”

Above given three English jokes.

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